Online Personal Training

Programs and video training designed to recreate having a personal trainer in your very own home.


Video Training Sessions


1 hour of online video training.

Regular weekly clients will receive a tailored program they can use to complement our video sessions.

I will give a diet analysis and ongoing nutrition plans.

Free 30 minute introductory session to see if video training is right for you!

Contact me to give it a go.

Exercise and Nutrition Program


Individually designed exercise program specific to your goals.
Detailed personalised nutrition plan.
15 minute video demonstration and Q&A.

Program Package

$29 Program Bundle

Contains 5 diet plans, 3 workouts and instruction.

5 Nutrition plans:

1200 Calorie balanced diet

1600 Calorie balanced diet

2000 Calorie balanced diet

2400 Calorie balanced diet

2800 Calorie balanced diet

Nutrition Instructions pdf

3 Workouts programs:

Advanced Dumbbell

Kettlebell & Band 

Free weight & Medicine Ball

Exercise Principles pdf

14-Day Diary

Sample Month

Links to demonstration videos

Click Here For Program Bundle Page

Video delivered via Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype or an app of your choice.