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How to Shape your Butt

Most people are only happy about their butt when they are sitting on it. I’m saying, get off the couch and take some pride in it. With these exercise tips you should be able to sculpt that butt to a thing of beauty.

I think the main trick to enhancing the shape of the butt is to get away from dainty girly butt exercises and do exercises that require strength or power. The reason for this is that the main butt muscle, the gluteus maximus, is a very powerful and strong muscle, designed for explosive movements such as sprinting and jumping, and strong movements such as squatting. In order for the butt to become toned, we need to train it the way it was designed to work. Have you noticed how athletes have great bodies and butts? We need to train functionally.

So what are the most functional exercises related to the butt? These are exercises where you’re standing up. Exercises where you are on your back, front or side are not going to enhance the butt as well as when you’re on your feet. Those floor exercises might be good for core stability—and you might feel like you are working the butt—but not as much as exercises that are going to put more stress on the body and therefore cause it to adapt, change and become toned.

The main exercise for the butt is the lunge. Now there are many variations of the lunge that each work the butt in a different way. Try doing lunges in every direction, front, back and side-to-side. Also do them with your back or front foot on a box. Step-ups, both side step-ups and front step-ups are also great for the butt. Like the lunge, you can do them anywhere. I sometimes feel that park benches were designed for step-ups more than they were for sitting on. The other trick is to incorporate deadlifts into your routine. Do them with your knees slightly bent to put more of the emphasis on the butt. Again there are many variations. Two legged, one legged, bent or straight legged. When doing squats as part of your leg routine try to put more emphasis on the butt. You do this by trying to “sit back” more and stick the butt out. This takes more load off the front of the thighs and puts it on the hamstrings and butt.

Do 3 sets of each exercise and 10-12 reps as this increases the size of the muscle and enhances its shape. Like I said, the butt muscles are strong explosive muscles so should be trained accordingly.

The next thing is removing the fat that covers the butt and reduce cellulite. Cellulite is misplaced fat cells that are closer to the surface and the way to remove it is to remove the fat. Unfortunately that’s where diet and cardio comes into play. The other thing to consider is the predisposition of fat storage. Some will find it harder than others to reduce the fat from the butt. No matter what your body shape, do those exercises 2 to 3 times a week. Do cardio 3 or more times a week, and keep your diet under control. You will see results. It’s all about doing the best you can do with the body shape you have.

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