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Sample Food Ideas


  • · Wholemeal toast with a low fat spread.

  • · Cereal with low-fat milk and sliced banana. Stick to bran and wheat cereals like weetbix.

  • · Baked beans, spaghetti, or eggs on toast.

  • · Porridge with low fat milk and honey.


  • · Sandwich made with wholemeal bread, salad, meat and low fat cheese such as Edam.

  • · Chicken or seafood salad. Be careful to avoid dressings such as ranch and thousand island.

  • · Brown rice, vegetable and meat dish. Prepare it the day before to take to work.

  • · Lean meat and salad with a light dressing.

  • · Subway six-inch sub with low fat dressing.

  • · Soup.


  • · Lean meat with salad or veges should be your standard meal.

  • · Tacos or burritos with mince and salad.

  • · Home-made burgers made with salad, lean beef patties, tomato sauce and a wholemeal bun.

  • · Wholemeal pasta dish with a low fat white sauce and meat and salad.

  • · Stews such as red wine beef stew and ragout on brown rice with veges.

  • · Stir fried veges with beef or chicken. Use a soy sauce or balsamic vinaigrette.


  • · Cereal and fruit.

  • · Creamed rice.

  • · Fat free sorbet.

  • · Low fat ice cream.

  • · WeightWatchers desserts.


  • · Fruit. This is the time to include it in your diet.

  • · Vegetables such as carrots and celery.

  • · Crackers or rice crackers with hummus or cottage cheese.

  • · Popcorn without butter or salt.

  • · Nuts and snack bars.


  • · Water. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.

  • · Freshly squeezed juice. Avoid store bought juices that are high in sugar.

  • · Tea or coffee with low fat milk and little or no sugar.

  • · Fruit smoothie made either with milk and yoghurt or with juice.

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