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Top 10 Exercise Tips

I believe that the reason why some people don’t reach their exercise goals is because of inadequate knowledge of the important principles and ideas behind exercise. Here are some tips that I personally recommend to people. These tips help people maximise the time spent in the gym and achieve their exercise goals easier and faster.

10. Use Proper Technique. When you aren’t doing the exercise the way it’s designed, you cannot focus and direct attention to the body part you want to train. Improper technique can also increase the chance of injury to areas such as the lower back.

9. Regular Training Sessions. Getting into a routine will help you avoid missing sessions. Exercise before work when you are fresh, as it will give you energy for the rest of the day.

8. Don’t Get Sick. A lot of people spend megabucks on protein powders, training gear, and spend a lot of time and effort building muscle only to lose it all by getting sick. It’s not uncommon to lose up to 1kg of muscle mass from having the flu for a week. Look after you health by getting enough sleep, reducing stress and eating well.

7. Set Goals. Make sure you know why you are exercising. Is it to get stronger, leaner or to lose weight? And do exercises that specifically relate to you goal.

6. Max Out. When exercising, especially when doing weights, try to really push yourself. The last couple of repetitions should be pretty hard work. I want to see those arms shaking!

5. Eat Well Before and After Workout. This means you should the energy to perform the workout with enough intensity as to produce results. Try to eat something as soon as possible after the workout to aid recovery.

4. Put On Muscle Mass. Remember for every 1kg of muscle gained, approximately 50 calories a day are going to be burned to try to maintain this muscle. That equates to 5kg of fat lost over a year.

3. Keep a Journal. When you can see what you are eating and doing in the gym you can monitor and evaluate your progress. And see why you’re achieving your goals or not.

2. Warm Up and Stretch. It’s hard to push yourself to the max if you are tight and injured. Warm up for 5 minutes before you workout and stretch afterwards.

1. Vary the Type of Exercise. Don’t let the body get used to certain exercises. Mix up your routine between free weights, machines, cable and anything else. Change up the number of reps and sets to shock the body!

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